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What is the Clothes Peg?

What is the Clothes Peg

What is the Clothes Peg?Using a clothes peg is a simple activity, but it can be very beneficial to your child’s fine motor skills. Not only does it promote pencil grip, but it also helps them to become independent. For…

How to Wash Christmas Socks and Stockings

Christmas Socks

Whether you have a pair of Christmas socks or are acquiring a pair of oh so cute stockings for the office, the best way to go about washing them is to be mindful of the materials and care instructions in…

How to Dry the T-Shirt


How to Dry the T-Shirt? When drying t-shirts, it is important to avoid using clothespins or wire hangers. These can leave pointy shapes in the shoulders. In addition, it is best to turn printed shirts inside out to prevent rubbing…

Where to Put Laundry Detergent clips set

Where to put laundry detergent is an important question to ask yourself when using a washing machine. Usually, the washing machine has a drawer that you can place detergent in. However, this compartment is not always accessible. That’s why it’s…

Choosing Which Laundry Cycle to Use sets

When choosing which laundry cycle to use, it is important to understand what each cycle will do for your clothes. There are a variety of different cycles, from Normal to Delicate and even the permanent press. When selecting a cycle,…