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Choosing Which Laundry Cycle to Use

When choosing which laundry cycle to use, it is important to understand what each cycle will do for your clothes. There are a variety of different cycles, from Normal to Delicate and even the permanent press. When selecting a cycle, consider the type of clothing you’re washing, as well as the temperature and cycle.

Normal cycle

The Normal cycle is a convenient way to wash casual clothes. This type of cycle uses a high-speed wash and spin cycle to remove dirt and grime. It’s also a great option for large-sized items that tend to get tangled up. Alternatively, you can choose the heavy-duty cycle for work clothes that are heavily soiled. This cycle uses more water and is longer than the regular cycle. It also uses a higher water temperature. Bed linens, such as curtains and comforters, can be washed on this cycle, but read the instructions on the label first.

A normal cycle will take anywhere from eight to 15 minutes. It agitates clothes for an even, thorough cleaning. Most types of fabrics tolerate this cycle, including cottons, jeans, and towels.

Delicate cycle

There are several benefits to using the Delicate cycle in the laundry. These include the removal of body oils and perspiration and the gentle cleaning of the fabrics. Another benefit is the scent, which comes from a citrus and herbal blend, including lavender, musk, and bergamot. If you want to smell your clothes like a lady, you can choose The Laundress Delicate Wash.

This cycle uses cold water and gentle agitation to clean your delicate clothing without causing any damage. However, it won’t provide the same deep cleaning as a regular wash cycle and is best suited for small loads.

Permanent press cycle

If you’re looking for a way to minimize wrinkles in your clothes, you may want to try using the permanent press cycle in your washing machine. It’s a gentler way to wash items, and it uses less water than your regular cycle. This cycle is ideal for clothes that are prone to wrinkles, including synthetic and no-iron fabrics.

While permanent press cycles are gentle on delicate materials, they’re still not for every kind of clothing. They are best for lightweight clothing and linens, and they should be avoided for very heavy-duty fabrics and stains. If you’re washing heavy-duty clothing, a more aggressive wash cycle is needed. Heavy-duty items will require higher agitation and spinning speeds. They will also take a longer time to dry.

Colors/Darks cycle

If you have dark and light colored clothing, it is essential to wash both separately in cold water. This will prevent darks from bleeding onto lighter clothes, and will preserve the colors. When choosing the temperature for your washing machine, you can select the cold-water cycle, which is typically 60 to 80 degrees. However, the right temperature for your clothes depends on how dirty they are, and what type of fabric they are made of.

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